Record temperatures are reached every summer. Combine this with our hectic schedules and Garden Design Cambridge’s automatic irrigation systems are the perfect solution to make sure your entire garden is getting exactly what it needs. They provide the perfect irrigation even when you’re not there to do it yourself.

Choosing Your Irrigation System

Garden Design Cambridge installs a range of sprinkler systems that ensure your entire lawn is evenly covered with fresh water. For border and bedding plants, our Cambridge garden designers install automatic drip irrigation systems to make sure a regular supply of water is being fed directly to your plants’ roots. You can achieve a 90% water reduction using a drip system compared to a garden hose. They are also currently excluded from the hosepipe ban.

Garden Design Cambridge connects mains water sprinkler systems to absolutely any area of a garden. These can be outdoor cooking facilities, workshops or water features. We can also fit new outdoor taps wherever you choose. All of our Cambridge garden irrigation systems can be used with a timer, making sure your plants get their feed exactly when they need it.

Some of our most popular garden irrigation systems:

Spray Systems

Spray systems are the traditional form of garden irrigation. Garden Design Cambridge install a range of different spray systems, from pop-up sprinklers that ascend and descend from the ground, to fixed spray heads in any position in your garden that you choose. Spray systems are best for use on flat surfaces, such as lawns, shrubs and flower beds and can be adjusted to spray either a fine mist or larger droplets of water.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient watering systems we offer. They emit water slowly through a porous membrane along their entire length and provide a deep soil soaking process that releases water directly to the roots of your plants. A network of pipes and drip emitters can be installed around your garden to slowly feed your plants the ideal amount of water. Drip systems are easily buried along vegetable patches, flower borders or hedgerows to provide the perfect level of irrigation for healthy plants.

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